Free diary calendarsFree diary calendars

Individuals, associations, companies: View, customize and print a 2025 2024, 2023, etc. calendar for free.

All calendar templates (weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annual, school, rolling, planning) are customizable, via the tab bar:

available above each calendar.
To create the calendar of your dreams, choose from all the examples of calendars offered, then personalize it with the different tabs.

 Customizing the colors of the different calendar elements (calendar background, each month, day boxes, borders, etc.) displays a palette of 16 million colors, instead of 96 colors in the old version.

The old drop-down lists which define the margins, the size of the borders and the dimensions of the different elements of the calendar are now replaced by a small input box. This development has several advantages:
  • Input help: attribute wording and default value.
  • More practical ergonomics, especially if the drop-down list offered a large number of values.
  • A 'Preview' option with the possibility of returning to the original value with the 'Cancel' button.
  • Better performance when loading the page.
  • And above all, the possibility of defining a size of the attributes (height, width, margins, borders) to the pixel, to create a calendar that matches the Internet user's wishes as closely as possible.

The 'Templates' tab

The 'Templates' tab allows access to the different calendar models available

  • With the 'Periodicity' and 'Format' columns, first choose your calendar model
    • Periodicities: annual, half-yearly, quarterly, bi-monthly, monthly, weekly. The most demanding Internet users can even choose a calendar spanning several years, a calendar of 4, 5, 13 or 14 months, etc., with the 'Others...' button.
    • Formats: column, table, horizontal and vertical.
      The 'Post style' format offers, for each periodicity, a calendar as beautiful as... a post calendar!
  • With the 'Year' and 'Period' columns, choose, for a given calendar model, the calendar period (e.g. 1st semester, 3rd quarter, etc.)
  • It is also behind this tab that you can choose to temporarily display or not the holidays (name of the saints).
  • Note that access to the different calendars is done either with this tab, or, for periods close to the current date, with the menu at the top left (Direct access). If you go through the 'Direct access' menu, the last calendar template used by the user will be displayed, for each periodicity. 

The 'Calendar' tab

With the 'Calendar' tab, customize the general shape of the calendar.

  • Optionally choose a page background, for example for color printing of the page.
  • If you specify a margin and a background color for the 'Calendar + Photo + Caption' set, you will get an outer frame. Match the color to that of the photo for a more beautiful effect with a printable calendar.
  • Specify the calendar background color (or background photo), and the margin between the outer border and the monthly calendars.
  • Choose the characteristics of the outer border of the calendar: border size (a size of zero will remove the border), color, and style (for example a 30 pixel rounding)
  • For calendars other than monthly, give the characteristics of the title. Font and font size, background color, and height (a height of zero will suppress the display of the title). The border of the title will be the one chosen for each month ('Month' tab).
    The calendar title is easily editable, and if you replace 1st, 2nd, 3rd... with first, second, third, the title will update correctly for each period. You can also place a photo in the title. In this case, choose a significant height, choose the photo, select 'Width of the box' as the size and position it to obtain a crop depending on the photo and the height of the title.
  • With the style sheet , informed and demanding Internet users can design and print the calendar corresponding exactly to what they are looking for, both in terms of design and functionality.

The 'Month' tab

This tab gives access to the customization of the shape of each month of the calendar.

  • The color (or pattern) of the background for each month making up the calendar will either be always the same (always the same background) or whatever has been specified for each monthly calendar, e.g. cooler colors for winter and more hot for the summer. It is even possible to choose as a background a photo from the web, the site, or a personal photo. By default, the color or pattern of the calendar ('Calendar' tab) will be chosen.
  • Choose the size of the external margins (between each monthly calendar), and internal (between the border of the monthly calendar and the calendar itself.
  •  Choose the characteristics of the border for each month: border size (a size of zero will remove the border), color, and style (for example a rounding of 20 pixels).
  • The personalization of the title of each month offers the following possibilities: font and size of the characters, color of the background, minimum height of the title, format of the month (number of characters and case), and position of the year. The border of the title will be the one chosen for each box ('Boxes' tab).

The 'Boxes' tab

With the 'Boxes' tab, customize the shape of the day's boxes, for each calendar model.

  • Minimum height and exact width of each box. In the case of a detailed display of diary data ('Data' tab), the height will be adjusted according to the data to be displayed. If data is truncated, increase the width. If school holidays are displayed, the width of the box (or the height for the horizontal format), will be increased accordingly. For column-based monthly calendars and weekly calendars, if the width is set to 'Auto', it will be adjusted according to the width of the mobile or the window.
  • Outer (between each box) and inner (between the border of the box and the text) margin.
  • Border size, color and style. In the case of a rounded border, the box size will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Background color of each cell. You can choose a different color for each day of the week. By default, the color of 'Every day' will be chosen, and if it is not specified, the background color of the monthly calendar ('Month' tab) will be chosen. The color of the characters will be adjusted according to the color of the background.
  • Specify a font and type size, and choose horizontal alignment of text in boxes (left, right, or center) and vertical alignment (top, bottom, or middle of box)
  • Format and case of the day of the week.
    Number of characters: 
    - display only the first letter (LMMJVSD)
    - or display the first 2 letters (Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su)
    - or display the first 3 letters (Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun)
    - or display the entire day of the week (Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday).
    Choice of case:
    - 1st letter of the day in uppercase, following letters in lowercase (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...)
    - All letters in uppercase (MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY...)
    - All letters in lowercase ( Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...)
    This customization, like all the other options, is specific to each calendar template.
  • For the weekly calendar and table calendars, choose the first day of the week (default is Monday), depending on your religion, country or activities.
  • The display of the week number depends on the format used. Week number 1 will always be the one containing the first Thursday of the year (ISO 8601 standard).
    • For table calendars, the week number can be displayed on the right, as an option, in the form of a link for access to the weekly calendar.
    • For other formats, the week number can be displayed, as an option, in a box corresponding to a day, with choice of day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.), size, color and position in the box.
    • Note that for all formats, you can also access the weekly calendar by clicking in a calendar box, then on the week number at the top right of the input box.
  • For specific needs, you can decide not to display certain days of the week, for example, for a professional calendar, not to display Saturday and Sunday.

The 'Data' tab

The 'Data' tab indicates in what form the personal data of diaries, birthdays and parties to wish will be displayed, as well as other information such as school holidays, public holidays, historical events. Decide on the information to display, or, on the contrary, not to display, to detail or lighten the presentation of the calendar.

  • In each box of the calendar, you can display the names of saints (holidays to display), with a single first name per day (classic calendar) or two first names per day, or display the birthdays of known personalities. If you choose to display only one saint, you can, for a given day, replace the first name that is displayed by default with another, rarer first name, for example that of a member of your family: click in the box of the day for which you want to modify the holiday, modify the name of the holiday, and click on Save .
  • For the diary , birthdays and names to wish , choose on the one hand the type of display (detailed to display the text, for example with a calendar in column format, or 'Aspect of the box' for a synthetic display , more suitable for calendars in table format.
    By default, if you enter a personal event (diary, birthday, birthday to wish, activity), a tooltip materialized by dotted lines around the day, will cause the display of the detail in passing To turn off the tooltip and dotted lines, uncheck 'Tooltip'.
     The sensitive 'Background' area available in the diary input box allows you to assign a color, a pattern, a photo or an icon to a specific day . It is thus easy to design a birthday calendar with a small photo in the boxes for each day concerned.
  • Periodic reports allow you to enter and display footnotes in calendars for a specific week, month, bimonthly, quarter, semester or year.  
  • For activity tracking, which allows you to quickly enter and count your main activities, hobbies and professional activities, refer to the documentation and the list of activities . This list, given as an example, may be completed by you.

The 'Photo' tab

With the ' Photos ' tab, add a picture, for example a personal photo, above, below, to the right, to the left, or inside the calendar. Adjust the size of the photo, its luminosity (transparency) and its orientation, for a 'Scrapbooking' effect. Optionally add a photo frame, for example a rounded frame, and a margin between the frame and the photo. You can thus design and print a personal calendar with the photo of your children, your cat, your dog, a sunset, a photo of your vacation or your favorite landscape, or one of the photos made available on this site (in French).

The 'Caption' tab

The 'Caption' tab, which allows you to add a simple caption "Happy Birthday", "Merry Christmas", "Happy New Year", "Mother's Day", "Father's Day", to be displayed on above or below the calendar, also offers the possibility of formatting a complete text, adding other photos, or even a video from Youtube.

  • Enter the desired text, then use the word processing functions (Alignment, indentation, bullets, font and character size) for the layout.
  • To enter data in table form: 'Table', 'Insert table...', then 'Table', 'Table properties' to specify the spacing of the cells.
  • The 'Location of the caption' drop-down list allows you to place it:
    • At the top, bottom, left or right of the calendar. If you then overlay the caption and the calendar, using the hand ( ), the caption will be on top of the calendar. Use this feature to place text above the calendar.
      • Below the calendar: the caption will be placed at the top of the calendar, and if you then overlap the caption and the calendar, using the hand ( ) the caption will be below the calendar. Use this possibility with photos that will only be partly hidden by the calendar.
  • The 'Different each month' or 'Different each bimonthly', or different each quarter', or 'different each semester' check box allows you to obtain either a different caption for each period, or always the same caption. If a caption was first chosen with the box unchecked, it will also be chosen as the default caption if the box is then checked.
  • To add a video
    • Choose your video on Youtube
    • Click on the 'Share' link below the video.
    • Click on 'Integrate'.
    • Copy the code that is displayed (<iframe...... /iframe>)
    • View the calendar template for which you want to embed the video.
    • Click on the 'Caption' tab.
    •  Click 'Insert', then 'Insert Video', then the 'Insert' tab.
    • Copy the code from Youtube into the input box.
    • Validate with 'OK'.
    • Choose the position of the video (top, bottom, left or right of the timeline)
    • Click on 'Save and view'.
  • To add a second or third photo (for the first photo, use the 'Photo' tab which offers more possibilities):
    • Choose your photo from the Internet
    • Copy the photo address .
    • Display the calendar template for which you want to embed the photo.
    • Click on the 'Caption' tab.
    • Click on 'Insert', then on 'Insert an image', and paste the address of the image in the 'Source' field.
    • You can adjust the dimensions of the photo. If you uncheck 'Constrain aspect ratio', the photo may be distorted.
    • Validate with 'OK'.
    • Choose the position of the caption (top, bottom, left or right of the calendar, or below)
    • Click on 'Save and view'.
  • If you want to place a caption above the calendar, and another below, use periodic notes and reports to place footer text.
  • To remove a caption, erase all text. In case of difficulty, click on 'Tools', then on 'Source code', delete the code and validate.
  • Precisely position the photo, caption, calendar, using a simple drag and drop with the mouse: use the pictogram for this purpose .

The 'Diskette' tab ( )

It is with this tab that you can save your customization and export it for use on another computer or with another browser, or, on the contrary, cancel your customizations, for example to return to the default values. 

The 'Send' tab ( )

Send your personalized calendar by email to your family or friends.
For security reasons, your calendar must not currently contain any photos taken from your hard drive.
However, you can place a photo from your Facebook account, your Google+ account, your Blog, with permission to share in public mode.
The caption tab will also allow for better personalization of your calendar.
Any personal data you may have for diary, birthdays, birthdays, will not be sent to the recipient(s).
To choose your calendar to send .

The 'Printer' tab ( )

As the procedure for printing a calendar depends on the browser used, this tab will provide you with the help you need to print your calendar.

The 'Help' tab ( )

With this help, you will be able to quickly choose and customize your favorite calendar. 

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