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Enhance your free diary calendar with a photo of the site, the Web, or a personal picture

You can display

  • With the 'Photo' tab, a main photo on the right, left, above, below or even under the calendar (in transparency), in all calendar models .
    For monthly, bimonthly, quarterly and half-yearly calendars, you can choose either a different picture for each period or always the same photo.
  • With the ' Calendar ' tab, a photo in the background of the calendar and/or a photo in the title of the calendar, or even a photo in the background of the page.
  • With the ' Month' tab , a photo in the background of each monthly calendar. This picture will either always be the same or different for each month.
  • One or more pictures with the ' Caption ' tab, these photos can also either be different for each period, or always the same, via the 'Different each...' check box.

Choose the main photo to display in the calendar

  • Click on the 'Photo' tab located above each calendar.
  • Click on ' Choose photo '.
    Three options are available:
    • Web... : Copy /paste the address of an image from the web to display it on the calendar. Use this option if you want to use a photo from another site, in which case, make sure the photo is royalty-free, or if your personal photos are on the web (on a personal site or blog, on Picasa Web albums, Facebook photo album, Google+, Dropbox, OneDrive / Skydrive, Google Drive, Flickr, etc.).
      With your browser, on the page which contains the photo, the procedure is as follows:
      • 'Right mouse button on photo', then 'Copy image address' or 'Copy image URL'.
      • Paste the address into the 'Web address of the picture (URL)' field.
    • Yours... : Use directly a picture placed on your hard drive.
      • The photo must be in jpeg, jpg, png or gif format. To make sure:
        - Right mouse button on the file corresponding to the photo, after having done 'Browse', or 'Choose the file'.
        - Select 'Properties'.
        - The file must be of type 'JPEG Image' or 'JPG Image' or 'GIF Image' or 'PNG Image'.
      • If you wish to display, with Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, or another recent browser, a personal picture present on your computer (hard drive, SSD, USB key, memory card, etc.)
        • The picture will be stored in a dedicated space in the browser (local database): so, if you delete the photo from its original location, it will still be displayed in the calendar.
        • The procedures for backing up calendar data and customizing calendars do not include backing up these photos: if you change computers or browsers, you will need to add your photos again.
        • The maximum number of photos allowed is limited depending on your browser.
      • If you use Internet Explorer, you must place the site in the trusted sites .
    • Photos : On my site, I provide you with a slideshow of 250 new and royalty-free photos (in French), with a pleasant navigation system, a keyword search and classification by theme. You have the following themes:
    Validate your choice with 'OK'.
  • The checkbox 'Different every month' or 'Different every two months', or different every quarter', or 'different every semester', allows you to obtain either a different photo for each period, or always the same photo. If a photo was first chosen with the box unchecked, it will also be chosen as the default photo if the box is subsequently checked.

Position and size the photo on the calendar

  • The ' Photo Position ' drop-down list gives you the option to place the photo:
    • Above or below the calendar , preferably with a landscape type photo (width greater than height). By default, the width of the photo will be equal to the width of the calendar. To change the dimensions, use the 'Photo Width' drop-down box.
    • To the right or left of the calendar, preferably with a portrait type photo (height greater than width). By default, the height of the photo will be equal to the height of the calendar. To change the dimensions, use the 'Photo Height' drop-down list.
    • Under the calendar , without distortion of the photo, the height/width ratio being preserved. By default, the height of the photo will be equal to 120% (ratio 1.2) of the height of the calendar.
    • Below the calendar (*) , with height and width adjusted to those of the calendar. In this case, the aspect ratio will not be preserved, and the photo will possibly be distorted. By default, the height and width will each be equal to 120% of the height and width of the calendar.
      If you choose 100%, the dimensions of the photo will be identical to those of the calendar: favor this option to display a transparent picture, under the calendar, and in this case, remove the background (Image or color in the 'Calendar' tabs and 'Month'), and optionally adjust the transparency to improve the readability of the text. Depending on the desired result, optionally specify a background for the boxes ('Cases' tab, click on 'Every day', and choose a color to match the photo).
      Note that if you use the photo frames available on the site:
      • The photo position will be set to ' Under calendar (*) '
      • The dimension of the photo will be equal to ' 140% '
    • Inside (with certain calendar models only). With a bimonthly calendar, the photo will be placed between the two months. With a quarterly columnar calendar, it will be placed between the second and third months. This option is available for all column calendars of six months or less, and for certain table calendars, for example the annual calendar with photo in the center .
      To make a scrapbooking calendar with only the space for photos, which you will paste later, insert a photo, choose 100% transparency, and adjust the size of this location with the 'Photo width' drop-down list.
  • In any case, with the hand ( ) located above the left of the picture, you can position it precisely, with the mouse, in relation to the calendar, and to the caption if it is present.

If necessary, adjust the transparency of the photo

  • This setting is often desirable if the picture is displayed below the calendar (see above).
  • If the picture is a little too dark, set for example to 10% or 20%.
  • To obtain a discreet sketch, under the calendar, from a picture, set the transparency to 70%, 80%, or 90%.

Add a margin, border, and rotate

  • To frame your picture, apply a border to it. Choose a color that matches the dominant color of the photo, size and style, for example a 20 pixel rounding, or an interior relief for a 3D effect.
    To get an oval photo (or round if the photo is square), select '50%' in the border style.
  • Specify an outer margin, for example to move the photo away from the calendar, and optionally an inner margin, between the border and the photo. If the photo becomes too small, adjust its dimensions (see above).
  • For a 'Scrapbooking' effect, apply a rotation. If the photo partially covers the calendar, increase the internal margin or move the photo with your hand ( )

But still...

  • It is certainly missing some image processing functions, such as the possibility of cropping, for example to transform a landscape type photo into a portrait, or even the stitching of several photos. While waiting for the cropping function to be integrated into this site, in a new version, please use your image processing software before adding the photo. Personally I recommend Photofiltre 7 , which is quite complete, which is free, and which allows you to assemble several photos with its layer management. With this software, keep two versions of the photo obtained: a version in 'pfi' format to find all your layers, and a version in 'jpg' format for insertion into the calendar.
  • To add a second photo, then a third, to the calendar, you can also use the ' Caption ' tab.
  • Don't forget to use the tab ( ), to save your customization before closing your browser!

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