Free diary calendarsFree diary calendars

Calendar 2024, 2025, 2026, etc.

How to choose and customize your free calendar

A 2024 calendar among 100
  • All the calendars offered below allow to diplay fast the sought-after calendar, either for an immediate impression, or for a personalization.
    Choose among offered styles, either a practical calendar to appointments, or a decorative calendar with photo, or an artistic calendar there composed of 12 monthly calendars with photograph in page bottom, etc.
  • After display, tabs 'Calendar', 'Month', 'Boxes', 'Data', 'Photo' and 'Caption' located above every calendar allow to customise it (photo, legend, police of characters, size, colors, information to be diplayed in the calendar, etc.)

Adjust the margins, borders, font size and dimension of different calendar elements to the pixel.
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Choose your 2024, 2025, 2026, etc. calendar

Click on the free calendar category corresponding to your needs, then choose and customize one of the calendars available.

Calendar annual free, to print as is or to customize

You will find here all examples of calendars of the year. With or without saints, with or without week number, with or without photo, with or without legend, format portrait or landscape, size A3, A4, A5 or A6, etc. The various possibilities of personalization will allow you to realize the calendar of your dreams.

Free monthly calendar, customizable agenda

Calendar monthly virgin to print, agenda monthly detailed, pocket calendar, wall calendar, calendar with page background, calendar photo, etc.
For example, create a 12-page yearly calendar from 12 sample monthly calendars.
Several formats are available: in columns, in table, horizontal or in decades.

Bimonthly calendar  free and customizable

Display 2 months of the year on your screen, for example ongoing month and next month. 
Print 2 months of the year on the same page, for example to create an annual calendar of 6 pages. 

Quarterly calendar  free and customizable

Choose the format adapted to your need (portrait or landscape), and information to be diplayed in the calendar: legend, photo, number of week, etc.
For example, create a annual calendar from 4 quarterly calendars. 

Half-year calendar free and customizable

Choose the location of the photo (above the calendar, in the middle, under the calendar), the format (portrait or landscape) and the information to display in the calendar (number of week, title, first name, etc.)
For example, create an A3 size 2024 yearly calendar with two half-yearly calendars printed on an A4 size printer.

Free calendar customizable with the photo of your choice

This series regroups calendars decorative with photo. You will be able easily to replace photo, for example by one of your own photos.

Calendar to color free and customizable

These coloring calendars will allow children to become familiar with the time: days, weeks, months, seasons and years
Every month has its history, its climate and its colors.
You can replace an image to color with another image of your choice.

Calendar tubes women free and customizable

In series "Tubes women", choose the periodicity of your calendar (annual, half-year, monthly), the year, the month, and replace one or several photos if you wish it...

Free calendar customizable with your cat's photo

In series "Cats calendars", choose the periodicity of your 2024 calendar (annual, half-year, monthly), the year, the month, etc.. You will be able to change one or some of the photos offered by that of your favourite cat, photos coming from the web, from your hard disk or from your portable.

Free calendar customizable with your dog's photo

This series of calendars is intended for all lovers of the dogs. You can change one or some of the photographs offered by default: choose a photo of the web, of your hard disk or of your portable, for example a photo of your favourite dog.

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