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This 100% free application with no registration required offers individuals, associations and businesses the following agenda and calendar functions:

  • Display and print models of weekly (weekly), monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annual, school calendars, schedules, projects . You can print the calendar for a past year (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, etc., etc.) or a future year (2023, 2024, 2025, etc.). This is a perpetual type calendar.
  • Agenda  : appointments, meetings, birthdays, names to wish
    Note that all your personal data will be kept on your computer, tablet or smartphone, and will therefore not be transmitted and stored on a web server, for possible use that you do not control.
    Furthermore, you will not be asked for any information about your identity (name, address, email, telephone, etc.).
    Your personal data and your diary will therefore not circulate on the Web, and your privacy will thus be preserved. See also information on cookies .
    A procedure for saving your entered data will allow you to import them if you change browsers, computers, or delete 'Site Data' in your browsing history.
    • Managing your calendar :
      • You can record your appointments , public holidays, events, meetings, invitations with your parents, friends, work colleagues, suppliers and service providers, your activity diary...
      •   In the 'Data' tab located above each calendar, choose how your calendar is displayed on the calendars: appearance of the box, detail, summary, do not display . By default, the pictogram Default iconis displayed.
      •  You can choose the shape of the pictogram to display, or choose a box color or a specific pattern for each day for which a calendar is recorded. If you choose a pictogram (Icon), choose its size and position in the box. These choices are defined for each calendar model: you can thus display the detailed agenda in the monthly column calendar, and the agenda with a pictogram in the monthly table calendar.  
    • Managing your notes and activity reports :
    • Activity monitoring to  record, totalize, view and search:
      - Overtime, working time management, legal holidays, RTT days, union delegation days, public holidays, time spent on your projects or your daily tasks.
      - Your sales forecasts and achievements, your purchases, your budget, your personal or family accounting, travel expenses.
      - Your new customers and prospects, school grades, kilometers traveled, etc. 
      • Define the activities you wish to follow, and for each activity, the display mode (Same as agenda, appearance of the box, border of the box, do not display), and counting If you choose to display a pictogram (Icon ), you can specify a specific size and location in the box, for each calendar template. 
      • Record your activity monitoring, daily or monthly: enter any remark, and indicate the time spent, the amount of sales, the number of customers, etc.
      • Display in the calendar a summary per week, per month, per quarter, per semester or per year: total of the period for each activity, with the number of records (lines) and the average per line.    
      •  Use automatic scheduling for repetitive, daily or weekly activities, for example:
        • days off.  
        • lesson planning, for teachers and students.
        • weekly activities : sporting, educational and cultural  activities.
        • The profession of childminder.
    • Management of birthdays ( ):
      • Record the birthdays of your parents, colleagues and friends.
      • In the 'Data' tab located above each calendar, choose the display mode of the birthdays you want on the calendars: appearance of the box, text, etc., do not display . By default, the pictogram  Birthdayis displayed. If you are using the Internet Explorer browser, you can place a photo in each box of the day for which a birthday is recorded.
    • Management of names to wish ( ):
      • Change a name (saint)  in the calendar, permanently or temporarily, to include, for example, the first name of your child who is usually absent from the calendar.
      • Record your friends names , Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc.
      • In the 'Data' tab, choose how you want to display the names on the calendars: Appearance of the box, text, do not display . By default, the pictogram Party to wishis displayed.
    • Management of festivals and public holidays.  
    • If the monthly calendar gives you too brief a view, and if you have checked the Week numbers box behind the Options button , you can view your detailed weekly calendar (weekly), with your appointments, birthdays, clicking on a week number. Moving to the next or previous week will be done with a simple mouse click.
    • In all models of calendars, with a click on a date, you view and modify your appointments, birthdays and parties to wish.
      • You can enter your agenda (invitations, appointments, event, etc.), a birthday or a party to wish for, and validate your entry with the 'Save' button.
      • A click on  Clockdisplays the day's activity tracker, and invites you to add, delete, or modify one or more activities. To return to entering the diary, click on  Diary.
      • Access to the weekly agenda corresponding to the day is via the icon represented by two numbers, these two numbers being the number of the week in the year.
    • If you have forgotten the date of a birthday, a holiday to wish, an appointment with your dentist, your doctor, your hairdresser, your electrician or your plumber, a search function will allow you to find it quickly .
    • If you change computers, browsers, or browser versions, or to back up and restore your data, or to merge multiple calendars, use the export procedure , followed by the import procedure .
  • Origin and history of the calendar , to deepen your knowledge of the different types of calendars used: Roman, Julian, Republican, Gregorian. This educational page is mainly intended for children and school teachers.    
  • Personalization : all calendar models are customizable, via the tab bar:

    available above each calendar.
    • The ' Templates ' tab allows access to the different calendar models available (column, table, horizontal, vertical), in all periods (annual, half-yearly, quarterly, bimonthly, monthly, weekly, or even a calendar of 4 , 5, 13 or 14 months, etc.).
    • The ' Calendar ' tab allows you to specify the general form of the calendar. This tab also includes a style sheet , for the most demanding users. 
    • With the ' Boxes ' tab, customize the shape of the boxes of the day, for each calendar model: color, height and width of the boxes, internal and external margin, size, color and style of the border of each box, font, size and text alignment. For specific needs, you can decide not to display certain days of the week, for example, for a professional calendar, not to display Saturday and Sunday. You can also choose the first day of the week (by default Monday).
    • The ' Data ' tab indicates, as specified above, in what form the personal data of diaries, birthdays and parties to wish will be displayed.
      It is also behind the 'Data' tab that you will find all the options for displaying activities of the planning type .
    • With the ' Photo ' tab, decorate your calendar with a photo, for example a personal photo. Adjust the position of the photo, its dimensions, its luminosity (transparency) and its orientation, for a 'Scrapbooking' effect. Optionally add a photo frame, for example a rounded frame, and a margin between the frame and the photo. You can thus design and print a personal calendar with your own photos or with one of the photos made available on this site (in French).
    • The ' Caption ' tab, which allows you to add a simple caption "Happy Birthday", "Happy Birthday", "Merry Christmas", "Happy New Year", "Mother's Day", "Father's Day", to be displayed on the above or below the calendar, also offers the possibility to format a complete text, and to add other photos, or even a video.
    • Precisely position the photo, caption, calendar, using a simple drag and drop with the mouse: use the pictogram for this purpose Hand.
    • The tab Saveallows you to save your customization , export it for use on another computer or with another browser, import it, or, on the contrary, cancel your customizations, for example to return to the values ​​by default. 
  • You can also choose from more than 150 calendar examples , all customizable.
  • You print the free calendar to give as a gift or display it in your office, kitchen, bedroom or living room as a wall calendar. 

All data specific to you (personalizations, holidays to wish for, birthdays, calendar, etc.) are kept on the hard drive of your computer:

  • With this online software, your privacy is preserved . You do not have to download anything, and your personal calendar data, stored on your computer, is therefore neither transmitted over the network nor stored on a remote server. You therefore have the assurance that your data will not be used without your knowledge. We will not ask you to create an account, nor to give your contact details, postal address or email.   
  • Calagenda has access in disconnected mode (offline), allowing you to view and update your agenda even in the event of a modem, network or server failure, if you are using a laptop or a netbook that does not is not permanently connected, if you are on the move, or if you want to limit your bill with a 3G or 4G key.
  • Response times will always be instantaneous.
  • This application has been tested with most browsers on the market, on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11, Android, Unix, Linux, Mac, iPhone and iPad operating systems. 
  • Your personal data is stored in a space specific to the browser. Consequently :
Custom Calendars :