Free diary calendarsFree diary calendars

Schedule a repetitive activity, find conflicts, update pricing.

Choose :

  • A start date.
  • An end date.
  • A type of schedule: every day, one day in the week, every two weeks, every month, or even a moon phase (note that a moon phase here will always equal 29 days, 12 hours and 44 minutes , i.e. 29.53 days).
  • An activity: if the activity does not exist in the drop-down list, create a new activity . 
  • A type of update: add, replace, or delete.
    With planning-type activities (in green in the list), you can also search for planning conflicts, or update the pricing if it has changed.
  • If you want to perform a recurring schedule, enter a possible remark, an amount, a number or a duration.
    With planning-type activities, enter a start time, an end time, and optionally, a default pricing correction. You can then on the one hand display the information in the form of a schedule, in all the calendars, with the 'Data' tab, on the other hand view the total amount of the pricing at the end of the period (week, month, quarter, semester or year).

Click 'Update Activities' to perform the automatic scheduling.

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Automatic planning is particularly suitable:

  • When registering  legal holidays , if they are spread over several consecutive days.
  • When recording  lessons , for teaching: teachers and students can create an activity for each subject (French, philosophy, sociology, economics, history, geography, mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc.) and use the planning automatic to quickly create the activities of a quarter or a year.
  • Weekly  activities , sports, educational and cultural.
    (for example: sport every Tuesday)
  • For gardening work where the cycles of the moon should be taken into account.
  • For childcare, as part of alternating or shared custody, or to plan childcare with the childminder .
  • At any daily or weekly appointment, for example, a massage session each week, an appointment for several days, a weekly work meeting.
  • Note that to display a calendar with different colors of boxes for certain days of the week, for example Saturday and/or Sunday, it suffices, with the 'Boxes' tab located above each calendar, to define a color for each day concerned.  

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