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General conditions of use

Content and services

This site offers the following services:

  • Agenda : daily agenda with or without management of time slots, periodic agenda (weekend, month, period), tracking of activities, birthdays, holidays to wish for.
  • Online design of calendars with or without calendar data. The Internet user can either print with their own printer or produce a file in PDF format..

All these services are free and without registration.

Calendar and agenda personalization data

  • All private data entered by the Internet user is stored on their hardware (computer, tablet or smartphone), in a location specific to the browser. Uninstalling the browser, or deleting certain items from the history will result in the deletion of this data. It is the user's responsibility to back up their data before uninstalling the browser, deleting the history, or changing hardware.
  • Confidentiality of calendar data: the Internet user does not have to make any registration request, and the calendar data entered by the user is in no way kept on the application server. Data confidentiality is thus preserved. If the user stops using the services, they will not have to assert the right to be forgotten, and they will have a tool for deleting calendar data stored locally on their equipment.
  • Security of private data: For the same reason as previously (Data stored on the Internet user's equipment), the security of private data is the responsibility of the user. A backup tool is available, both for the agenda and for customizing calendars.
  • Data portability: the Internet user has a tool for exporting calendar data in XML or CSV format, for use in a spreadsheet or computer interface.


It helps to finance hosting and maintenance costs (new features, new calendars, new historical events).

  • The advertising on the site, distributed by Google, can be configured by the user. Advertising blocking tools installed by Internet users allow you to accept advertising for a particular site.

Site promotion

  • Links to social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter) allow Internet users who wish to do so to publicize the site.
  • Internet users who wish can give their opinion in a guestbook. Reviews may be anonymous or nominative, and their author may request their modification or deletion. The site manager reserves the right not to publish offensive or out-of-context comments.


  • The Internet user can use all the services of the site free of charge on a personal and private basis.
  • Any commercial use must be the subject of a request to the site manager.
  • The display of a calendar designed with the site, in a public or private space, digital or paper, is authorized if it includes the address (URL) of the site, present by default at the footer of all calendars. Any publication on the Internet must include at least one hyperlink on the site.
  • Any other use is prohibited and illegal:   Certificate No. 00046527  Certificate no. 00046527
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