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View and print all calendar templates for free

This online application offers you numerous calendars, all free, which you can then personalize according to your country, your tastes and your needs.

  • The different formats offered offer the following possibilities:

    • The column format will present each month of the calendar as a list.
      For periods other than monthly and weekly, two variations are possible:

      • One column per month.

      • A column for two months: with this presentation, you can, for example, design a half-yearly or annual decorative calendar with a photo in the center.

    • The post style format displays a calendar with at least one month in decade format (three columns per month).

    • The table format will display each monthly calendar as a table, with one row per week. The number of variations of this type of calendar depends on the periodicity (5 variations are possible for annual calendars).

    • The horizontal format will display each monthly calendar on a single line, with one column per day. This format is particularly suitable for planning type calendars.

    • The vertical format, similar to the 'Column' format, will present the monthly calendars one below the other, instead of side by side. The 'Vertical' format is recommended for example for printing a detailed annual calendar.

  • You have 12 basic templates. Why 12 templates: there are 2 templates (a column template and a table template) for each of the 5 monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual periods, plus a 'Vertical Planning' template and a 'Horizontal Planning' template. 
  • Each template is accessible either from the links below, or from the 'Templates' tab located above each calendar, a tab which also allows you to specify the format and display or not the names of the saints.
  • To personalize the calendar , use the 'Calendar', 'Month', 'Boxes', 'Info', 'Photo' and 'Caption' tabs.
    Personalization concerns the design (colors, dimensions, margins, font and character size, photo, caption, etc.) and the information to display (names of saints, national holidays, calendar, birthdays, etc.).
  • After customization, you can use the tab  to save your favorite calendar , or to export it to another computer or to another browser.
  • In addition to the calendar templates below, you have more than 200 calendar examples , which are also customizable. 

Click on the link corresponding to the model you are looking for

Examples of calendars


Monthly column

Monthly in table

Bimonthly in column

Bimonthly in table

Quarterly in column

Quarterly in table

Semi-annual in column

Half-yearly in table

Annual in column

Annual in table

Vertical planning

Horizontal planning

If you are looking for a specific periodicity, for example a four-month calendar, or a calendar spanning two years, use sliding calendars, accessible either from the menu at the top left (Direct access, Others...), or from the 'Models' tab located above each calendar (Others button...) Then choose a starting month (month and year), a format, etc., a possible title, and click on 'Show calendar'. You can then finalize the presentation with the tabs located above the calendar, for example by choosing the first day of the week to display on a table calendar, via the 'Boxes' tab, or by unchecking the days that you do not do not want to display, for example Saturday and/or Sunday for the purposes of a professional planning calendar.

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