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Manage your agenda even if you are no longer connected to the Internet, for example with your laptop, tablet or smartphone

With classic online software, the application is unavailable if the computer is not or no longer connected to the Internet.

Calagenda will remain operational in offline mode with browsers compatible with the latest version of the HTML standard (HTML5). Thus, laptops, netbooks, tablets or smartphones can use the agenda in offline mode, for example if the connection is not permanent, or in the event of a network or server failure. With Calagenda, you can view and update your calendar, birthdays, birthday wishes, notes and periodic reports even when the connection is cut.

This particularity is linked to the fact that with, all your personal data ( personalization of the display , agenda , birthdays , names to wish , periodic notes  and reports , activity monitoring ), are not on a server, thousands of miles from home, but on your computer or smartphone.

This method offers several advantages:

  • Response times are much better. After updating the calendar, the display of the calendar is done locally, therefore without the solicitation of the Internet network.   
  • Data confidentiality is guaranteed: you have the assurance that your personal data will not be used without your consent, while you sleep, and that it will not circulate one day or another on the Internet. 
  • Operation in disconnected mode is possible.
  • No registration procedure is required, and your anonymity is thus assured!

Disconnected mode operating condition:

You need to install offline mode. This procedure is free, fast, and requires no registration. Then, to automatically benefit from the monthly diaries for months m-2 to m+2, and from the annual diaries a-1 to a+1, you must work at least once a month in online mode, i.e. with internet access.

Implementation of offline mode:

Installing offline mode will take less than thirty seconds!

Utilisez une des dernières versions de Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, ou tout autre navigateur récent et compatible HTML5.

When to use offline mode:

  • With a desktop computer, in the event of unavailability of Internet access, whatever the origin: network failure, server failure, modem failure, etc., or in the event of a poor connection. 
  • With a laptop, a netbook, a tablet or a smartphone, in case of temporary unavailability of the Internet, while on the move. 
  • If you surf using a 3G or 4G key, to limit your bill at the end of the month, or to respect your plan.

Advice :

  • Do not work in offline mode if internet is available, to benefit from the latest developments, documentation, and examples of calendars.

Browser compatibility:

Offline mode is compatible with the following browsers:

  • Firefox (version 44 or higher, Windows and Android).
  • Google Chrome (version 46 or higher, Windows and Android).
  • Microsoft Edge 
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • And any other recent browser compatible with HTML5

For assistance in using the offline mode, you can contact me .  

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