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Print the calendar with your printer or create a PDF

To print the calendar, use the usual function of your browser.

  • With Mozilla Firefox :
     Procedure for printing the calendar or create a PDF with Firefox .
  • With Google Chrome
     Procedure for printing the calendar  or create a PDF with Google Chrome .
  • With Microsoft Edge
     How to print the calendar  or create a PDF with Microsoft Edge .
  • With Safari
    To print a calendar, it is advisable to use the print preview:
    • If the menu bar is not displayed, display it by clicking on the gear wheel, at the top right, and selecting " Show menu bar"
    • Select File, then "Print Preview" 
  • With Internet Explorer
    - Right mouse button, Print preview , then: 
    - In the drop-down list at the top right, choose the percentage that allows printing on a single page.
    - You can also adjust the margins with the mouse, and choose Portrait or Landscape in the layout.
    - Choose the correct browser layout options (gear at the top left in the preview, or File , Layout ) 
         * Optionally remove the header and footer (title, date, URL, page number)
         * With Internet Explorer 8, check the box ' Print background colors and images '.  
    - Click on the print button, top left. 
  • With another browser
    The procedure for printing is often quite simple, either using the right mouse button or using the menu.
    With Windows 10 and Windows 11, to create a PDF file:
    • Start by using the same procedure as for printing a calendar.
    • Instead of using the usual printer, choose 'Microsoft Print to PDF'.
  • If you change browser:
    If you do not want to redo personalize your calendar with the new browser:
  • To enable printing of the calendar on a single page :
    • Optionally adjust the width and height of the calendar boxes, and the font size, by clicking on the 'Boxes' tab above the calendar.
    • If necessary, adjust the size of the photo using the 'Photo' tab.
    • Optionally move the photo with the mouse, using the hand ( ) located above the left of the photo... 
    • If you have birthday photos present in the calendar boxes, choose the correct display option in the 'Birthdays' drop-down list in the 'Info' tab, and if necessary give the same width/height ratio to all your photos, with specialized software (Paint.Net, Paint, Photoshop Elements, Microsoft Office Picture Manager,...) 
    • To not print historical events in annual calendars, uncheck 'Events' in the 'Info' tab above the calendar.
    • If your browser's print preview allows it, choose the scale, in percentage, that allows printing on a single page.  
    • If the configuration of your A4 printer allows it, you can also choose 'A3 (Scale)' or 'A2 (Scale)' as the paper size, to print an A3 or A2 format calendar on an A4 sheet.   

Choose to print your calendar in high definition.

If you choose a standard print quality, which is generally the default for your printer, the result may not be satisfactory. The procedure for choosing high definition printing depends on your printer. Very often, in the print dialog box, a 'Preferences' or 'Properties' button allows you to select the print quality.   

To respect the environment, do not make unnecessary impressions.

  • Let's have an ecological attitude, let's respect the environment, let's be eco-responsible.
  • Before printing the calendar, check the graphic rendering with the print preview. 
  • If you have implemented the option to print background images when printing a calendar, uncheck this option after printing, so as not to empty your ink cartridges!  
  • Using an electronic calendar also allows you to respect the environment, provided you do not print out the calendar after each update!
  • If you want to offer the calendar to your friends, choose sending by email by creating a PDF calendar. 
  • The documentation and calendars are printed without advertising to reduce the number of pages and ink consumption.

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