Free diary calendarsFree diary calendars

What is the Calagenda calendar?

This 100% free application allows:

  • To display and print annualhalf-yearlyquarterlybimonthly , monthly, weekly, schedules , projects:
    • Either from examples of customizable calendars : these examples will allow you to quickly print a calendar, and on the other hand to show the possibilities offered by this online software.
    • Either from customizable calendar models : these models are mainly intended for users who wish to maintain their personalization.
  • To manage your diary , your birthdays , your names and holidays to wish .
    This online software allows you to record,
    display, print and find: 
    - your calendar: appointments, meetings,
    - the birthdays of your loved ones.
    - the holidays to wish for.
    - detailed activity monitoring.
    - any event of the day.

      To obtain this dialog box,
      and fill out your calendar,
      after displaying the calendar ,
      click in a box corresponding
      to the desired day...

Agenda, Birthdays and holidays to wish

  • Enter daily or monthly activity monitoring and display a weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual summary statement, to count:
    - overtime, working time, legal leave, RTT days , union delegation days, public holidays, time spent on your projects or daily tasks.
    - your sales forecasts and achievements, your purchases, your budget, your personal or family accounting, travel expenses.
    - your new customers and prospects, school grades, kilometers traveled.
    - appointments, with precise planning management, and the possibility of establishing pricing with a daily rate, an intervention rate and an hourly price.
    - the hours of care of a childminder , with the preparation of pricing (flat rate, hourly rate and exceptional expenses).
    - or any other activity .   
  • Enter periodic notes and reports , forecast or actual, for each week, each month, each quarter, half-year, or year.
  • With this online software, you do not have to download anything, and your personal data, stored on your computer, is therefore neither transmitted over the network nor stored on a remote server. Your privacy is thus preserved.  
  • To keep your customization options, even after shutting down and restarting your computer, click on the floppy disk ( save) located above each calendar, then on 'Save...' then on 'The models selected above'.
  • To access by default, directly to the calendar / monthly agenda display, click here , then add the page to your favorites, on the desktop, or on the start page of your browser.
  • To personalize your calendar , use the 'Calendar', 'Month', 'Boxes', 'Data', 'Photo' and 'Caption' tabs above each calendar.  
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