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Display a color, photo or image for a specific day

Personalize your calendar by displaying a color or image for a specific day. For example, create a monthly birthday calendar with a photo in the boxes corresponding to each birthday, or a weekly calendar for nursery schools.

Create your photo calendar

View the calendar template for which you want to create a photo calendar.

Image size and position

First choose the size, position and color of the text to apply in each box, for this calendar.

  • In the 'Data' tab, check the box to the left of 'Size and position'
  • Click on 'Size and position' and choose:
    • The size of the image to display in the day boxes.
    • If you check the '!Important' box, any other images of the same date (calendar, birthdays, activity tracking, school holidays, etc.) will only be displayed if they are themselves defined as important.
    • The position of the image inside each box.
    • The color of the text. If you choose 'Automatic' the color below will be used.
    • Click OK.

Background of the day

Then place a photo (or a color, a pattern, etc.) in each of the relevant boxes of the day:

  • Click in one of the boxes concerned, choose 'Agenda for...' from the drop-down list, and click on 'Background'.
  • Click on 'Color' to display a solid color, or on 'Images and patterns' to display, for example, one of your personal photos.
  • To view one of your photos, click on 'Personal...' and choose the photo from your hard drive.
  • Choose an automatic text color, so that the color chosen for this calendar (see above) applies. If you choose a color specific to this photo, it will be applied for that day to all calendars.
  • Click 'OK' then 'Save'.
  • Check the photo display in the box.

Personal photos from your computer's hard drive that you use in calagenda are not stored on a web server. They are not transmitted over the Internet. They are stored in a dedicated space in your browser, thus preserving your privacy. If you delete the photo from your hard drive, the photo will still be kept in the browser, and conversely, if you delete the photo in calagenda, it will be kept on your hard drive.

To remove the display of photos:

  • To remove the display of photos for one calendar only, and keep this display for another calendar, click on the 'Data' tab and uncheck the box to the left of 'Size and position'.
  • To remove the photo display only for a specific day, but on all calendars, click on the box for the day in question, select 'Calendar', click on 'Background', then on 'Remove image display '. Then click on Save to validate the deletion. Note that the photo will not be deleted from your hard drive.
  • You can also perform automatic deletion of calendar data over a period of days, months, or years. PLEASE NOTE: in this case, the display of photos will be deleted, but also calendar and activity tracking data will be deleted.
    To maintain good performance when displaying calendars, it is recommended to delete calendar data that is no longer needed.

View a list of dates for which you saved a color or image.

  • Click on 'Search' , in the 'Data' tab, or choose 'Direct access', 'Calendar', 'Search' from the menu at the top left.
  • Enter 'Box Style' in the 'Filter' field and click 'Search'.
    See the search documentation to learn more.

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