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Sending a calendar to your friends or to the printer

You may wish to send the result of your design, with photos, names to wish for, birthdays, to one or more members of your family, to your friends, or to the printer for a quality print. Offering a calendar at the start of the year, with one of your photographs and a personalized text, is nice. Sending your schedule to your collaborators, your associates, or your work colleagues is practical. Sending a calendar digitally is practical, economical and environmentally friendly. 

Several solutions are available to you, depending on what you are looking for.

  • To obtain a jpeg, png or webp format image file of your personalized calendar:
    • Choose the calendar from those present on the site, or click on the OK button at the top right to display the last used calendar.
    • Click on the pictogram  Export/Import calendar.
    • Choose the format: the jpeg format is the most commonly accepted. 
    • Select the desired width: for professional quality printing by a printer, the maximum width (4096 pixels) is recommended.    
    • Select the quality: 100 corresponds to the maximum quality.
    • Click 'Save'.
    • Note that any personal calendar data, birthdays, names to wish for, activity tracking, planning, will be displayed or not, depending on the options chosen in the 'Data' tab.    
    • Constraints:
      • Box-shadows in the style sheet are ignored (see the 'calendar' tab). To solve this problem, you can print in PDF format.
      • Any photos from an external website will not be returned. In this case, to fix the problem, download the photo to your hard drive/smartphone. 
  • If you wish to transmit the result of one of your personalized calendars in the form of a PDF file :
    • Proceed as if you wanted to print the calendar, but instead of choosing your local printer, choose "Save as PDF" or "Microsoft print to PDF" as your destination.
    • The printing procedure is specific to the browser used. For more information, click on the pictogram Impression above the calendar.
    • For printing at a printer, choose the jpeg format file with a width of 4096 pixels if they accept it.   
  • If you want the recipient to be able to take over the personalization themselves , and use the online calendar to enter their own appointments, birthdays and holidays, first display the calendar in question, then:
    • Click on the pictogram Export/Import calendar  :
      • Check the box corresponding to the open calendar ( Open calendar) and uncheck the other boxes.
      • Click 'Export', then 'The selected models above', and choose a location on your hard drive.
      • This method allows you to either transmit the file via a cloud rather than by email, or to avoid certain overly restrictive firewalls or anti-viruses.  
      • The recipient will use the import function also located behind the pictogram   Export/Import calendar.
    • It is also possible to transmit your own personal data (appointments, birthdays, names to wish, activity monitoring). with calendar data export/import function .

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