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Calendar 2023 tubes women free and customizable

After display, all these examples can be customized via the tabs 'Calendar', 'Month', 'Boxes', 'Photo', 'Caption', located above the calendar.

You will be able to replace one or several photos offered by default by the photo of your choice, coming from the web, from your hard disk or from your portable... 
With 12 monthly calendars, quickly realize an annual calendar of 12 pages.

Click on vignette to diplay the calendar 2023 of your choice. 
(You will then be able to customise your calendar, choose another year, another photo, the position of the photo in comparison with the calendar, etc.)

Calendar  2023 annual tubes women

Calendar 2023 annual tubes women.
To replace the main photo with another photo, use the tab 'Photo ', and choose a photo in format portrait.
To replace one or some of the small photos, use the tab 'Month '.
This calendar uses a style sheet, available behind the tab 'Calendar'.

2023 women's calendar
Half-year calendar with a feminine photo every month. 
To replace one of the photos, for example by a photo of the web or one of your photos on the hard disk of your computer or your portable, use the tab 'Month'. 
Specific style (photo in the top of or at the bottom of column), is defined in the present style sheet behind the tab 'Calendar'  
January 2023 calendar women

 Calendar january 2023 of series 'tubes women'. 

February 2023 calendar women

 Calendar february 2023 of series 'tubes women'. 

March 2023 calendar women

 Calendar march 2023 of series 'tubes women'. 

April 2023 calendar women

 Calendar april 2023 of series 'tubes women'. 

May 2023 calendar women

 Calendar may 2023 of series 'tubes women'. 

June 2023 calendar women

 Calendar june 2023 of series 'tubes women'. 

July 2023 calendar women

 Calendar july 2023 of series 'tubes women'. 

August 2023 calendar women

 Calendar august 2023 of series 'tubes women'. 

September 2023 calendar women

 Calendar september 2023 of series 'tubes women'. 

October 2023 calendar women

 Calendar october 2023 of series 'tubes women'. 

November 2023 calendar women

 Calendar november 2023 of series 'tubes women'. 

December 2023 calendar women

 Calendar december 2023 of series 'tubes women'. 

After displaying the desired 2023 tubes women calendar, from the 14 calendars above, customize it quickly and for free :

  1. The tabs 'Calendar', 'Month', 'Boxes', 'Data', 'Photos', and 'Caption' present above each calendar offer multiple possibilities.
  2. To change the height or width of the boxes, font family or font size, title height, use the 'Calendar' and 'Boxes' tabs
  3. To change the color of the boxes (every day or a specific day of the week, for example Saturday or Sunday), click on the 'Boxes' tab.
  4. To change the background color of the 2023 tubes women calendar, click on the 'Calendar' tab.
  5. To place a photo, replace it, size it or position it on the calendar, use the 'Photo' tab. You can use a photo of this site (royalty free photos), a photo of another site (check the rights of use), or a personal photograph (link Yours).
  6. To add or edit a caption, first click the 'Caption' tab, enter or edit the text, choose a font, font size, color, and so on, then click 'Save and View'..
  7. To display or not display the names of saints in the 2023 tubes women calendar, click on the 'Data' tab. You can even display two, three, or four saints a day.
  8. To display or not display week numbers, click on the 'Boxes' tab.
  9. Each sample 2023 tubes women calendar proposed above is built from a template. All calendar templates are customizable.
  10. To save your custom calendar, click on the floppy disk just above the calendar, check the model to save, click 'Save', then 'Selected above templates'.
    For reuse on another computer or browser, click 'Export', then 'Selected above templates'.
  11. The tab 'Calendar' contains a zone for entering a style sheet to make free calendars as you dream!
To view other free 2023 calendars, click on the link for the desired periodicity :
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2023 quarterly calendar
Half-year calendar 2023
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