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Calendar 2019 half-year style calendar of posts

Calendar 2019 half-year style calendar of posts

This calendar of posts 2019 uses function available 'style sheet ' behind the tab 'Calendar ':
- The site and the color of title are specified with '#titrecal '.
- The name of day (.h_nomjour) and the number of day (.h_numjour) are diplayed in bold, and with a size equal to 120 % sizes of names.
- A horizontal border is added under Sunday to separate weeks.

To replace the photo, in the tab 'Calendar ', to the right of 'Titre ', click on 'Color '. Regulate the Image size to 'Width of the box' and regulate location at best. To change the height of the photo, in the tab 'Calendar ', adjust the height of title.

The saturday is diplayed in blue and the sunday in brown. To customize the color of one or more days of the week, first click on the tab 'Boxes', click on a day (monday, tuesday, ...),  and choose a background color and a text color. An automatic text color will be displayed in black or white, depending on the background color.

The week number is present into Mondays (7).

Biannul calendar style posts 2019

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After viewing the calendar 2019, personalize it with the tabs 'Calendar', 'Month', 'Boxes', 'Data', 'Photo' and 'Caption' present above each calendar:

  1. To choose the display of the celebrations (names of saints), use the tab 'Data'.
  2. With the 'Boxes' tab, change the height, width, border or color of boxes, font, size, and character alignment.
    View week numbers, start the week on a day other than Monday, and do not display certain days of the week, for example, on Saturdays and Sundays.
  3. To change the background color of the 2019 calendar halfyear, use the 'Calendar' tab.
  4. To change the background color for each month, use the 'Month' tab.
  5. To place a photo, replace it, size it or position it on the 2019 calendar, use the 'Photo' tab. Adjust the transparency of the photo, its size, add a border, a margin, etc...
  6. To add or modify a legend on the 2019 calendar halfyear, use the 'Caption' tab, and add a second photo.
  7. To view or not display week numbers, click the 'Boxes' tab.
  8. Each sample 2019 schedule proposed above is built from a template. All calendar templates are customizable.
  9. To save or export your custom calendar, use the floppy disk () located above each calendar.
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